Heat recovery boilers
ZiO group of companies designs, manufactures and supplies heat recovery boilers of various types and purposes for operation with gas turbines with capacity of 6 MW and more:
  • Steam boilers for reconstruction of steam power plants;
  • Steam boilers for production of process steam (P up to 4 MPa, saturated and superheated steam);
  • Water heating and combined boilers, for combined production of steam and hot water (water temperature up to 260 °C);
  • Steam and hot water heat recovery boilers for cogeneration gas turbine plants, including those for use on offshore oil platforms;
  • Heat recovery boilers with additional fuel combustion

Boilers arrangement:
  • Vertical;
  • Horizontal.
With natural and forced circulation.

Heat recovery boilers can be built into the footprint of dismantled equipment.

Heat recovery boilers can be equipped with:
  • afterburner to increase steam temperature and steam capacity;
  • afterburner with a blower to maintain steam production during shutdown.