Boiler ancillary equipment and components
We produce:

  • Valves for gas and air ductwork and pulverised coal piping;
  • Pulverized coal distributors and concentrators;
  • Screw slag removal from the boiler;
  • Steam and water heaters for air heating;
  • Silencers for air, gas and steam ducts.

Boiler units:

  • Tubular air heaters with special ash protection;
  • Corrosion resistant tubular air heaters;
  • Pulverized coal-gas-air ducts compensators, including ball type;
  • Burners: pulverized coal, for firing gas, fuel oil and liquid fuel;
  • Pulverized coal-gas-air ducts with supports and hangers;
  • Steam and water pipelines with supports and hangers;
  • Metal structures;
  • Tanks and vessels and heat exchange equipment;
  • Spiral finned tubes for heating surfaces.