Krasnoyarsk CHPP-1

Modernization of boiler equipment. Design and manufacture of 2 E-220-13.8-560 BT (PK-154) boilers with steam capacity of 220 t/h to replace worn out boilers.

Фото предоставлено пресс-службой СГК
Implementation years: 2020-2023
Types of work: design, manufacture, supply, installation of 2 boilers E-220-13.8-560 BT (PK-154) at st. 15 and st.16
The main parameters of the equipment: drum boilers with natural circulation, with solid ash removal, gas-tight with balanced draft, A-shaped arrangement, steam capacity 220 t/h, pressure 13.8 MPa (140 atm.) with a steam temperature of 560 ° C, designed taking into account the installation in existing footprint to replace worn out ZiO PK-10SH boilers.
Total power: non-modular unit
Fuel: Brown coals of Borodino deposit