CHP JSC Sokolovsko-Sarbai Mining and Processing Production Association, Kazakhstan

Modernization of boiler equipment. Design, manufacture and supply of 2 E-190-9.8-510 KT (PK-153) boilers with a steam capacity of 190 t/h to replace worn out ones.

Implementation years: 2020-2023
Types of work: design, manufacture and supply of 2 boilers E-190-9.8-510 KT (PK-153) at st. 1 and st. 2 with provision of services for installation supervision, commissioning supervision, regime adjustment and instruction of the Customer's specialists

The main parameters of the equipment: vertical-tubular boilers, single-drum with natural circulation, have a A-shaped layout, suspended structure, steam capacity of 190 t / h, designed to be placed in existing footprints of the reconstructed power units of stations to replace worn out boilers (TP-170), designed to work with balanced draft.

Total power: non-modular unit
Fuel: Ekibastuz coal