Pregolskaya TPP

Designed and supplied 4 boiler units (fuel - gas);

Total capacity 440 MW;

The units have been comprehensively tested and reached the design parameters. A letter of thanks has been received.

Years of implementation: 2016-2017, commissioning: 2018-2019
Types of work: supply of four E-113.8/15.7-8.3/0.75-542/220 heat recovery boilers
Main parameters of the equipment: heat-recovery boiler, horizontal, with natural circulation, suspended type, designed to generate steam of two pressures when utilizing the heat of exhaust gases of GTU PG 6111 (FA) GE 77 MW
Steam capacity - 113.8 / 15.7 t / h
Pressure - 8.3 / 0.75 MPa
Superheated steam temperature - 542/220 °C
Total capacity: 440 MW, 110 MW each unit.
Fuel: natural gas