Berezovskaya GRES

More than 14 thousand tons of boiler equipment have been delivered.

1. Years of implementation: 2016 -2019, commissioning in 2021

Types of work: restoration and repair of the boiler p-67 st. 3 after the accident: inspection, supervision of dismantling, development, supply of boiler equipment, installation, commissioning.

Main parameters of the equipment: steam boiler P-67, T-shaped layout, suspended type, steam capacity of 2650 tons of steam per hour, designed to work on Berezovsky brown coal of Kansko-Achinsk deposit in combination with a turbine of 800 MW. The height of the suspended boiler is 106 m.

Total power: 800 MW
Fuel: coal

2. Years of implementation: 2012 - 2013
Types of work: supply of heating surfaces for unit No. 3

3. Years of implementation: 2011
Types of work: project for reconstruction of boilers st. 1, st. 2