April 26, 2016

The of JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk (ZiO), at the annual experts site in Russia which is InfoSpace Forum dedicated to the state-of-the-art technologies, demonstrated the latter innovative projects. The event was arranged by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry RF to promote discussions between the authorities, business and science, in order to issue recommendations for development of innovative technologies in our country

Within the Forum exhibition, JSC ZiO presented a scaled model of one of its later achievements – dry fan-type cooling tower which has no analogues in Russia. Mr. V. A. Grushevskiy, Deputy General Director for ZiO’s Projects Marketing and Management reported about a weighty contribution of ZiO Group of Companies to innovative development of Russia in his speech Delivery of Innovative Equipment for Power Generation of the Fuel-and-Energy Complex in Russia.

A live interest of the audience to be noted to the innovative ZiO’s activities. Following the sessions, the Forum organizers recommended HRSG produced by Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk for use by oil and gas companies.

Verbatim of V.A.Grushevskiy’s report is cited below:

- Good afternoon! I shall briefly tell you about innovation that we are currently applying.

The factory exists since 1919, very soon we shall have 100 year anniversary. The fabrication area of JSC ZiO is 600 thousand square meters. In the years of the Great Patriotic War the Factory fabricated the most peaceful products – boilers for thermal power plants; today the Factory is one of the leading companies producing equipment for power generations both in Russian and abroad.

ZiO Group of Companies includes five companies: ZAO COTES, ZAO ZiO-COTES both in Novosibirsk, JSC Steel Structures and Boilers Factory of Kashira (KZMK) and ZAO Stroytechnika both in Podolsk. The quality management system of the Group of Companies is certified in compliance, but not limited to, with ASME.

Activities of the Company cover design, engineering, fabrication, and commissioning of boilers firing various fossil fuels: gas, oil, brown coal, lignites, etc; heat-recovery steam generators for combined cycle plant. The las year, ZiO started production of fan-type cooling towers for steam turbines.

JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk seeks to be up to the modern challenges through the innovative technologies of its competence. Our Company has a powerful high-end computing system, specific software to create furnace firing processes with high precision and practically without errors.

The Factory purchased Japanese equipment to produce HRSG equipment with output of 5 thousand tons annually. A welding plant was obtained to make membrane-welded pipe panels, because boilers are gas-tight walls they ensure the base of reliable operation. Recently, a gang-bending plant was launched to bend the membrane wall panels up to 3000 mm width.

JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk carries out modernization of existing thermal power plants. One of the latter Projects are modernizations of Ekibastuzskaya GRES, former Pavlodarskaya GRES, P-59 boiler at Ryazanskaya GRES for 300 MW turbine.

New design of a coal-fired boiler with a ring-shaped furnace is a sartorial statement of ZiO-COTES.

The ring furnace for large Power Units provides decrease of the boiler height (by 30-40%), fouling free combustion with emissions below admissible levels.

Our heat-recovery steam generators are used for combined cycle plants, including downstream of gas turbines. Now, ZiO carries out supply of a range of HRSGs for oil companies as well. For example, LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez.

Also, ZiO together with LUKOIL provides services of erection supervision at Usinsky and Yaregsky fields in Komi (Russia). ZiO is able to offer both steam and hot-water boilers for oil and gas companies.

The recent innovation of the company is launching of fabrication of dry fan-type cooling towers, which are used in the regions suffering from water shortage. This a new state-of the-art equipment. Prior, such equipment had not been produced in Russia. ZiO was awarded of a contract for supply of the dry fan-type cooling towers for two projects of electric power generation and the time schedule of the projects are successfully met as srt forth by the contracts. Today, a scaled replica of the dry fan-type cooling tower is presented at this Forum.