JUNE 23, 2021

Third-year students of National Research University MPEI have an internship at Kashira Plant of Metal

Structures and Boiler Building - the main production site of ZiO Group of Companies

On June 21, 2021, the internship of students of the Department of Modeling and Design of Power Plants

of NRU MPEI began. During the month, the trainees will get acquainted with the production processes.

Experienced mentors will work with each student and will tell about the products manufacturing cycle

and will show how the theoretical knowledge gained is applied in practice.

JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk has a long-term cooperation with NRU "Moscow Power

Engineering Institute" in training of professional personnel in the field of boiler building. A total of about

2,000 students of Moscow Power Engineering Institute underwent industrial and undergraduate

practice at the enterprise. On the basis of NRU MPEI and in ZiO departments, joint research, calculation

and analytical work is carried out to develop and optimize the designs of steam boilers from the

standpoint of environmentally friendly and economical fuel combustion, reliable and efficient operation

of boiler equipment.