December 01, 2014

The heat-recovery steam generator produced by ZiO has successfully passed initial leakproofness tests at Nizhneturinskaya GRES

JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk fabricated and supplied two heat-recovery steam generators PK-87 to the construction site of combined-cycle plant at Nizhneturinskaya GRES for ZAO KES-Holding

According to JSC TEK-Mosenergo, general contractor of the construction, the pace of job complies with adopted time schedule. The main thermal loop in the main building is definitely closed. Installation of the main equipment of the heat-recovery steam generators is completed.

The heat-recovery steam generator of the first Unit has successfully passed the leakproofness test. High-velocity and water-chemical washings are anticipated for the next steps of the readiness.

Construction of a state-of-the-art combined-cycle plant in the territory of Nizhneturinskaya GRES will improve electric power distribution, reduce its cost, and create opportunities for development of the towns of Nizhnyaya Tura and Lesnoy in Sverdlovskaya region. After putting the new CCP in commercial operation, equipment of the GRES, which had been operated since the 60s’, will be taken out of service.