April 24, 2015

The heat-recovery steam generators of JSC ZiO have successfully passed the final inspection by Customer’s delegation from the Republic of Ecuador

During the past week, delegations of CELEC EP (Republic of Ecuador), JSC InterRAO-Export, JSC Enex visited the fabrication facilities of JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk to inspect availability of the 3 HRSG equipment for shipment to the CCP TPP Termogas Machala. During the 5-days visit, the inspectors verified all cargo packages and documentation confirming quality of ZiO products. The HRSG equipment was demonstrated to the Customer as pre-assembled modules that ensures shorter period of erection. At the end of the visit, an Act was signed by representatives of the Ecuadorian Customer and Russian partners, where compliance of the marking and packing of the HRSG equipment to the Contract was confirmed. The Equipment will be shipped in the second quarter of this year by sea.