June 17, 2015

Reports of JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk at the VII National Conference for Reconstruction of the Power Industry-2015 aroused a keen interest in mass media and among specialists of thermal power plants

During the first day of the event, Arseniy Kvrivishvili, the General Designer of Fossil Boilers, presented his Report on 15 Years of Successful Operation of the Ring-type Furnace at Novo-Irkutskaya CHPP. The report demonstrated advantages of the ring furnace for refurbishment and modernization of existing and construction of new Power Units over 300 MW firing brown and bituminous coals.

On the second day of the Conference, Youri Petrov, ZiO’s Deputy General Director, in his report on the subject of Involvement of the Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk in the Import Substitution Program for Fabrication of Power Industry Equipment highlighted feasibility of design and engineering of dry fan-type cooling towers for combined-cycle power plants over 230 MW by ZiO. At present, the Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk is able to produce dry fan-type cooling towers both as individual packages and completing waste-heat units delivery for construction of combined-cycle power plants.