10 November, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin has awarded commendations to the senior executives of Podolsk Machine-Building Plant: Victor Danilenko, General Director and Chairman of the Board of ZiO JSC, and Nikolay Korobovsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors

The respective Order of the Russian President No. 369-rp as of October 24, 2017 was published in the official legal information website http://pravo.gov.ru/.

The text of the Order points out that these commendations were awarded by the President of the Russian Federation “for achievements in the development of entrepreneurship, active social activities and long-term fair business practices.”

Podolsk Machine-Building Plant Group of Companies holds a leading position in the Russian power-generating equipment market, thus considerably contributing to the development of the whole Russian fuel and energy sector.

Customers of the products manufactured by the Group of Companies include Russian and foreign partners, i.e. biggest developers of power-generating facilities, oil-refining companies, and territorial generating companies.