27 May, 2019

Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk (ZiO) celebrated its 100th anniversary

The century-old history of the enterprise began in May 1919 and since then it has been inextricably linked with development of the country. From the day of its foundation, the plant has retained its machine-building profile, it was entrusted with the most complex and important orders. The plant changed its names, manufactured products corresponding to the eras of time - first, repaired steam locomotives, then manufactured cracking units for oil industry, mine electric locomotives, during the wartime - armored hulls for T-40 tanks and fuselages for IL-2 attack aircraft, famous armored train "Podolsk worker". In the post-war period - boiler units for thermal power plants, thermal and mechanical equipment for nuclear power plants not only in our country, but also abroad.

For outstanding success and early fulfillment of five-year plans in 1936, the enterprise was named after the People's Commissar of Heavy Industry of the USSR Sergo Ordzhonikidze and given its modern name - Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk (ZiO).

The plant keeps the historical memory and continues to follow the traditions. Sergo Ordzhonikidze’s memorial unveiling ceremony was timed to coincide with the anniversary celebrations. At that time, the memorial was moved closer to the main building of Machine-building factory of Podolsk, and then restored by sculptors and restorers. The ceremony was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Moscow Region Mr. Khromov Vadim Valerianovich, Head of the City District of Podolsk Mr. Pestov Nikolai Igorevich, Deputy of the Moscow Regional Duma Mr. Maksimovich Pavel Ivanovich and plant managers - member of the board, member of the Board of Directors, President of ZiO Group of Companies Mr. Danilenko Viktor Georgievich, Honorary citizen of Podolsk, Honorary Citizen of the Moscow Region, member of ZiO’s board of directors Mr. Ovchar Vladimir Gerasimovich, as well as members of the board of the plant – Mr. Nosal Vasily Ivanovich and Mrs. Sidorenko Ekaterina Evgenievna, General Director of JSC ZiO Mr. Rubtsov Alexey Ivanovich and the first Deputy General Director Mr. Shubarov Denis Viktorovich.

All factory employees attended the memorial opening ceremony - both veterans and young specialists. Continuity of generations at ZiO is a guarantee of many years of successful operation of the plant. An experienced older generation, who was at the origins of boiler construction, works side by side here, together with creative youth. A separate pride of the plant - is its labor dynasties.

During a festive concert dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk, the best employees who made a significant contribution to development of the Group of Companies, the plant's veterans and representatives of dynasties were awarded. The entire team of Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk JSC was highly awarded - Gratitude of the Governor of the Moscow Region, Diploma of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Letter of Gratitude from the Moscow Regional Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Medal of the National Research University "MPEI" "For interaction and cooperation".

Many warm congratulations and wishes for further development and prosperity were received from the stage on this day from the invited guests - friends and partners of Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk.