23 July, 2020

The company "System Software" provided help to JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk in transferring its employees to "remote work" mode.

In the context of the spread of coronavirus infection, Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk (ZiO) confidently continued its activities in the “remote work” format and concluded a number of contracts and completed early delivery of equipment due to prompt introduction of software products supplied by System Software for the company.

System Software, a software expertise center, has provided ZiO - one of the leading power engineering companies in Russia - with TeamViewer software licenses.

“Coronavirus infection has become a challenge for businesses around the world. Only those companies were able to maintain their competitiveness and stability, which, among other things, quickly switched to the remote work mode. TeamViewer software allowed ZiO to avoid slowing down of its activities and to organize remote teamwork in a short time. As a result, employees were able to remotely access and administer servers and workstations even when they were out of the office,” said Andrey Lobachev, Head of ZIO’s Information Technology Department.

TeamViewer software products allow to remotely control computers and mobile devices, transfer files between them, organize video calls and web conferences.

TeamViewer Tensor software solution, which was provided to ZiO, is integrated into the company's corporate authorization and security system. The company’s employees quickly deployed the system without stopping business processes. Today, the team is leveraging all major remote access and remote support capabilities, including centralized password management to reduce IT-load, and managed access features to enhance the security of the organization.

“Transfer of a significant part of the business to remote work and introduction of a self-isolation regime have influenced the software market. The highest growth rates were demonstrated by solutions for communications, remote access and computer maintenance. Sales in this category in ruble terms have increased by 121% compared to the same period last year. This is due to the fact that the use of access control tools helps to increase productivity of teams and ensure business continuity, which is especially important for industrial enterprises", said Natalia Vladimirova, head of System Software’s sales department.

JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk (ZiO) has been operating since 1919. In addition to conventional design and manufacture of boiler equipment for high-power power units, the Group of Companies develops and manufactures boiler equipment for waste incineration plants, steam generators for thermal treatment of oil formations, cooling systems for thermal power plants, gas pumping stations. Implements projects for developing furnace and flare equipment for oil, gas and chemical industries.