18 September, 2020

At Minsk TPP-3, construction and installation work is underway on a planned basis for construction of a new steam boiler E-500-13.8-560 GM manufactured by Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk.

Currently, furnace and convection shaft heating surfaces, service platforms and ladders are being installed. The next step is the installation of draft machines and pipelines within the boiler. The completion of all work is scheduled for 2021.

The steam boiler, developed by the specialists of Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk, with a steam capacity of 500 t / h can be called innovative to a certain extent: single-body, close-coupled arch boiler, gas-tight, suspended structure, due to which it has a fairly compact size. The furnace and convection shaft are completely shielded with gas-tight panels.

In order to reduce NOx emissions to 150 mg / Nm3 when operating on gas and to 200 mg / Nm3 when operating on fuel oil, the boiler is equipped with a staged combustion system with reduced excess air: eight low-emission gas-oil burners are installed in two tiers using tertiary and wall blast through nozzles to protect against corrosion and overheating of surfaces.

All this makes it possible to ensure boiler operation with efficient performance indicators, in particular, the efficiency is not less than 95.5% when operating on gas and 93.7% when operating on fuel oil as a backup fuel.

Minsk TPP-3 provides 25% of the heat demand of the Belarusian capital, and is the main generating source of electricity in the energy-intensive industrial zone of the southeastern part of Minsk, which, among other things, includes such well-known giants as Minsk Tractor Plant and Minsk Automobile Plant.

Machine-Building factory of Podolsk (ZiO) traces its history back to 1919 and has 70 years of experience in design and manufacture of steam and hot water boilers operating on various fuels (gaseous, liquid, solid),of different types and capacities (conventional - for burning various types of fuel, heat recovery boilers for CCGT units (with gas turbine units from 6 MW and more), boilers for waste incineration plants, etc.). Currently, ZiO conducts innovative development of import-substituting products for thermal power plants and enterprises of oil and gas and chemical industries.