30 September, 2020
Construction and installation work is in full swing at the site of the overhaul of the primary methane conversion furnace of PJSC Togliattiazot

At present, Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk has carried out work for restoration and installation of the furnace foundations. The furnace frame, sheathing panels, welded fittings have been assembled. Installation of platforms and ladders for the furnace and gas collector is nearing completion. Preparations are in progress for the start of lining works.

The delivery of metal structures and casing panels, service platforms, gratings, superheaters, furnace gas collector and other furnace items, including lining materials for the convection zone, has been completed in full. Repair work for restoring the furnace headers has been completed.

Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk carries out a full range of works on development of design documentation and overhaul of the primary methane conversion furnace of Chemico ammonia unit No. 4 along with passing of industrial safety examination of documentation and technical devices.

ZiO Group of companies, the ultimate beneficiary of which is Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk JSC, - is one of the leaders in the Russian power engineering industry. In addition to the conventional design and manufacture of boiler equipment for high-power power units, the Group of Companies develops and manufactures boiler equipment for waste incineration plants, steam generators for thermal treatment of oil formations, cooling systems for thermal power plants, gas pumping stations. It implements projects for developing furnace and flare equipment for oil, gas and chemical industries.