19 October, 2020
Simultaneously, at two production sites of ZiO Group - Krasnoyarsk Boiler-Building Plant LLC and Kashira Metal Structures and Boiler Building JSC, projects were launched aimed to automate production process accounting

Implementation of these projects will improve the efficiency of production management due to:

  • transparent business process of production accounting at all stages of product manufacturing;
  • prompt receipt of information in one information space;
  • control of enterprise costs;
  • operational planning;
  • cost reduction and product quality improvement;

Project teams work on the basis of two information systems.

LLC KKZ uses Tehnocam, at this stage the first module has been implemented: "Automation of design and technological preparation of production process".

JSC KZMK operates on the basis of platform "1 C Accounting 8.3", software is being developed and debugged and personnel is being trained.