17 September, 2021

Import substitution in offshore area. PJSC Machine Building Factory of Podolsk (historical name “Factory named after Ordzhonikidze”, hereinafter referred to as ZiO) and LUKOIL-Energoengineering LLC have completed a project for replacement of boiler equipment at the offshore ice-resistant fixed platform of Filanovskiy oil field in the Caspian Sea

PJSC ZiO has successfully fulfilled the contract for the supply of boiler equipment for four SGT-400 gas turbine units and provided services for supervision of installation and commissioning works within the framework of the investment project “Technical re-equipping of IRP-1 at V. Filanovskiy oil field. Replacement of boiler equipment.” During implementation of the project, Podolsk machine builders acquired new competencies in the field of manufacture of waste heat exchangers, taking into account the requirements of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

Initially the platform named after V. Filanovskiy was equipped with heat recovery boilers UK 11-E-5801 A/B/C/D with a nominal capacity of 12 MW which were intended for heating the primary coolant - a 60% aqueous solution of triethylene glycol (TEG). The equipment for the platform was furnished by Siemens, while the heat recovery boilers were supplied by German company BBS GmbH. After a short operation period a problem was identified in the heat recovery boilers - the flow sections of the heating surfaces were clogged with organic deposits. To solve the problem, PJSC ZiO was involved. In the process of analyzing the design of the imported heat recovery boilers, Podolsk machine builders revealed inconsistencies in the design and heat balances of the boiler, which cannot be compensated for by changing the operating modes.

The specialists of PJSC ZiO carried out thermal and gas-dynamic calculations according to the actual operating modes of the thermal circuit, analyzed them and offered the customer options for correcting the situation.

The work on the project was complicated by the fact that there is little space at the offshore platform, and the dimensions and weight of the power equipment are very limited. The newly installed boilers KUV 12-150 had to fit into stiff restrictions in all basic geometric and weight parameters. In the context of a continuous oil and gas production process, in order to minimize the scope of installation and welding work, it was necessary to supply equipment by highly prefabricated modules. The reconstruction of the equipment was also supposed to eliminate the need for re-certification by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, which was successfully achieved.

At present time, four heat recovery boilers have been commissioned and are operating with great efficiency.

For ZiO Group of Companies, the implementation of the project at offshore ice-resistant fixed platform named after V. Filanovskiy is not the first successful experience of cooperation with LUKOIL-Energoengineering for the purpose of import substitution. Over the years of partnership, many interesting and ambitious projects have been completed. Thanks to the concept of LUKOIL-Energoengineering LLC oriented to construction of power generating facilities using the state-of-the-art Russian equipment, Podolsk factory has implemented unique technical solutions at Budyonnovskaya TPP of Stavrolen plant, at auxiliary power plant of LUKOIL-Permnefteorgsintez, at the field power centers of Yaregskoye and Usinskoye oil fields. Also, unique steam generating units were jointly developed and implemented for efficient production of hard-to-reach high-viscosity oil at the fields of PJSC LUKOIL.