2 December, 2020
Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk JSC (ZiO) signed a contract with Sibirenergoremont JSC for design, manufacture, supply and installation of two boiler units with 220 t/h steam-generating capacity within the framework of DPM-dash program

On November 26, ZiO signed a contract for a full cycle of works for design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of two boiler units E-220-13.8-560BT with a steam-generating capacity of 220 t/h and pressure of 13.8 MPa. The project goal is to replace outdated PK-10Sh boilers at power stations No. 15 and No. 16 of Krasnoyarsk TPP-1 JSC, owned by Siberian Generating Company LLC.

The main scope of work for the supply of products and installation within the framework of the project will be performed by the subsidiary of JSC Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk - Krasnoyarsk Boiler-Building Plant.

Works completion date, including comprehensive testing of two boiler units, is planned for the end of 2023.

Krasnoyarsk TPP-1 is the most powerful in Krasnoyarsk and is one of the largest and oldest coal-fired thermal power plants in Siberia, operating on brown coal from Borodinsky open-pit mine. Today, its installed thermal capacity is 1,677 Gcal/h, and its electric capacity is 485.9 MW.

Machine-Building Factory of Podolsk traces back to 1919 and has 70 years of experience in design and manufacture of steam and hot water boilers operating on various fuels (gaseous, liquid, solid), of various types and capacities.

ZiO is the original manufacturer of PK-10Sh boilers supplied to Krasnoyarsk TPP-1 in the 50s of the last century which now have reached the end of their service life.