Auxiliaries power supply complex
ZiO Group of companies manufactures boiler equipment according to its own engineering. Individual design of each boiler plant for the specific tasks of the Customer provides the best solutions for efficient and competitive operation of auxiliaries power supply complex.

We develop, manufacture and supply boiler equipment:
  • Steam boilers for generating steam used in steam turbine;
  • Steam generators for production of process steam and water heating for heat supply systems;
  • Steam heat recovery boilers for combined cycle power units;
  • Steam and hot water heat recovery boilers for cogeneration gas turbine plants, including those for use on offshore oil platforms;
  • Heat recovery boilers with additional fuel combustion;
  • Once-through steam boilers for production of steam from highly mineralized water;
  • Mobile steam generators with once-through steam boilers;
  • Steam boilers for production of steam from water with high content of oil products;
  • Liquid boilers with high-temperature organic coolant.